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PlantPlant Relocation 

Trust our experience to plan, schedule and execute your plant relocation, whether it's rearranging manufacturing lines within a facility or a complete turnkey plant relocation within the US, to and from Mexico or around the globe. Our turnkey services includes electrical and piping disconnection at existing facility and reconnection at your new location.

Plant Relocation
Electrician at WorkPlant Decommissioning 

IRC offers complete plant decommissioning services. We will market your equipment, organize an auction, dispose of any proprietary assets, remove electrical, piping and cabling to bring your plant back to its empty pre-lease condition. If your equipment needs to be relocated to other facilities, IRC will handle that as well.

Plant Decommissioning
CratesCrating & shipping 

Our crating carpenters and shipping logistic teams work together with our rigging crews, integrating with freight forwarding companies to ensure all of your equipment is packaged correctly, tracked and moved smoothly. IRC has experience in shipping equipment safely all over the world.

crating & shipping

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About IRC Global

Industrial Relocation Co. (IRC) is dedicated to helping your business move faster and more efficiently while maintaining safety of all personnel and maintaining production of your products. Based in Atlanta, Georgia with locations in the United States and Mexico, IRC Global is experienced in plant relocations, plant decommission projects and equipment installations in many parts of the world. IRC will help your team develop and execute a relocation and/or decommission plan tailored to suit your situation, starting with a free consultation and site visit. IRC will inventory all of your machinery and equipment and develop a schedule for your plant closing and/or relocation. We can do everything or we will supplement your engineering team, to plan, schedule the dis-assembly, decommissioning, packing, transporting, as well as either getting your plant running again or cleaning out the space for re-lease options. Let IRC's many years of experience work for you!

IRC was created after realizing the necessity for a dedicated & experienced group specializing in plant relocations. Since 1986, manufacturing companies have trusted IRC to relocate, consolidate and decommission their facilities. Today, we put more than 40 years of professional experience at our clients' fingertips. Depend on IRC to get your move done and accomplished safely, no matter the size, no matter the location, no matter the deadline.


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